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4500 Series Thermal Traffic Door from Coldshield

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The Coldshield 4500 Series Thermal Traffic Door was developed to provide a premium traffic door for the discerning customer. All components such as pivots, hinges and mounting hardware are Coldshield’s 2400 and 3000 Series range of flexible doors.

Features include a rotational moulded polyethylene skin that is then high density foam filled and cured to provide good thermal and noise insulation properties.

Full surround seals prevent dust, insect and contaminant intrusion. All doors are standard with double glazed polycarbonate windows, recessed for protection, and providing good visibility for pedestrians.

The panels have a lightly textured flat surface to ensure a smooth easy passage for trolleys.

The 4500 Series Thermal Traffic Door is a suitable door that requires less cleaning and maintenance than flexible PVC Traffic Doors.

The doors can be used as pairs or singles and are able to be manufactured to suit any opening size required. All doors are mounted into Coldshield’s 4000 Series surround frame as standard. This ensures any discrepancies in opening squareness or floor undulations can be catered for and the doors will operate correctly.

Optional spring impact buffers are highly recommended for trolley and forklift traffic. These buffers are pre-tensioned to effectively absorb impacts. This in turn enables the doors to open gently, and stops direct shock transferring into the door mounting hardware. Also, spring buffers prevent trolleys from damaging the gaskets and seals.

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