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Light, medium and heavy duty shelving systems from Colby are space-efficient and versatile and can be tailored quickly, easily and economically to precisely match your needs.

Colby Storage Solutions’ team of experienced storage system designers can help you maximise your valuable storage or picking space, while giving you the flexibility to operate with complete efficiency, whether you are storing slow-moving goods in full cases, or fast moving, split-case items.

Variations of Colby shelving solutions
Colby have a range of shelving solutions to suit general light-duty applications, heavy or bulky items, or fast-moving items with stock rotation. Colby shelving is modular and versatile helping you maximise your storage efficiency. Types of shelving systems by Colby include:

  • Steel Shelving – lowest cost and most frequently used solution for light-duty slow moving goods, parts and files
  • Longspan Shelving – light-duty and value for money long span storage for larger items
  • Miniload Shelving – economical and robust mid-duty storage, can be used for tall applications
  • Heavy-Duty Longspan Shelving – versatile and space-efficient storage made from ColbyRack for heavier items
  • Carton Live Storage (CLS) – condensed pick faces, automatic stock rotation and improved picking productivity

Significant customer benefits of Colby shelving solutions

  • Versatile storage systems for non-palletised goods
  • Variety of shelf types for different applications
  • Manufactured from quality materials
  • Modular design and easily reconfigured
  • Rigorously tested and designed to the highest safety standards
  • On-going technical, operational and maintenance support
  • Proven long-term performance
  • Wide range of accessories
With in-house expertise and commitment from the top down, Colby Storage Solutions is ideally placed to design and supply cost-effective storage and order picking solutions. Colby Storage Solutions information and contact details

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10/11/08 - Housing 28,000 pallets, the DC incorporates the new Colby Drive-In Rack and Protect-a-RACK systems for optimal storage space efficiency, flexibility and high levels of operator productivity and safety. Colby Protect-a-RACK substantially increases the impact resistance of rack uprights by spreading and transferring any forces from an impact to the rack frame bracing with the strong section of the rack improving safety and reducing on-going rack repair costs.
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