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Providing a number of products and services to ensure warehouses are as safe as possible, Colby Storage Solutions are fully equipped to assist specific needs.

Improve Safety with Protect-a-Rack System

Even the best forklift drivers have accidental collisions with racking. While worst-case scenarios involving a rack collapse are rare, impact damage weakens the racking structure, compromising its load carrying capacity and potentially putting both property and life at risk. Where just a 5 mm upright deflection weakens a racking system so badly that it should be replaced, preventing damage is a safety priority and a huge cost saving.

Protect-a-Rack comes in a range of configurations to fit normal selective racking, racking with low beams, and Carton Live Storage

  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel
  • Versatile design fits any type of racking
  • Simple, fast and cost-effective installation
  • Streamlined design maximising clear bay entry
  • Certified and patented design
  • Can be installed on any type of racking – not just ColbyRACK

Reduce Damages with Heavy Duty Frontal Impact Beams

A collision with the front of beams also compromises the load carrying capacity of your racking structure. For this reason, Colby developed a new beam with a rib in the centre for added strength.

  • Certified and patented design 
  • Manufactured from quality-assured, high strength steel 
  • Available in many lengths 
  • 4-tang end connector provides extra stiffness and stability 

RackMAN Certification brings Peace of Mind

Designed by some of the world’s leading structural engineers, RackMAN is a proprietary software tool which analyses and checks all load carrying requirements of your racking structure. RackMAN certification means that your system will meet the necessary safety standards, and will give you peace of mind knowing that your goods and staff are safe and secure.

Meet Safety Standards with Rack Safety Auditing 

Storage racks can change over time through damage, reconfiguration or extensions. Ensuring that storage systems are safe, fully documented and comply with current safety standards is necessary to improve occupational health and safety in your warehouse.

What Colby look for:

  • Any unapproved changes to the "As Built" installation drawing 
  • The structural integrity of any changes 
  • Damage to beams, uprights, footplates and floor fixings 
  • The condition of any splices 
  • Vertical alignment of the rack 
  • The condition of horizontal and diagonal braces on rack frames 
  • That beam connectors and safety clips are secure, and that beams have not become dislodged 
  • That welds between beams and connectors are not cracked on beams that have incurred impact damage or overloading 
  • Safe Working Load signage is appropriately displayed on relevant bays of racking 
  • Any overloading of the rack 
  • The use of any damaged or inappropriate pallets that could compromise safety

Colby has a team of highly-trained professional rack inspectors who can ensure storage systems meet these necessary requirements. 

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