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Offering a multitude of functions and features, Colby Conveyors transform materials handling to materials flow, ensuring customers receive their goods on time and in perfect condition.

The Colby Conveyor Range includes:

  • Gravity Conveyors (Roller and Wheel conveyors, wheel curves and transfer tables) 
  • Powered Conveyors (Lineshaft, Slider Bed Belt, Flat Belt and Round Belt conveyors) 
  • Accumulation Conveyors 
  • Pallet Conveyors (Roller Pallet, Chain and Pallet conveyors) 
Efficient and Responsive Conveyors for Distribution
In today's competitive business environment, distribution centres require economical and well-organised conveyor systems to execute the fulfilment of orders promptly and within requested timeframes.

Colby Conveyors:

  • Improve delivery and despatch
  • Decrease transportation time of goods
  • Automate processes eg. weighing, labelling and packing
  • Provide buffer storage between processes
  • Reduce product damage
  • Enhance ergonomics of materials handling
  • Make split-case, full-case or zone routing possible
  • Combine with Colby Raised Storage Areas to enable multi-level operation 
Enhance handling in Supply Chain Operations
With the constant challenge of delivering goods on time and at competitive prices, conveyors have an ideal solution to assist with distribution and production lines.

  • High system uptime
  • Proven technology
  • Handle individual cartons or full pallets
  • Support for manual and automated palletising
  • Support automated solutions such as AGV's, shuttle carts and overhead monorails
  • Provide buffers between production or picking stages
  • Efficiently transport goods to storage or despatch 
Colby Conveyors are engineered and manufactured by Dematic. Dematic’s team of experts are qualified and experienced to understand individual requirements and to select the right conveyor system for the job. Colby Storage Solutions information and contact details


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23/03/12 - Raised storage areas by Colby Storage Solutions are designed to cost-effectively double the usable floor area in industrial and commercial environments.
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19/05/09 - Colby Storage Solutions’ case and tote conveyors join processes together, deliver and remove goods automatically and on cue. These conveyors can store goods until the next person or machine needs them
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28/04/09 - Colby Storage Solutions have introduced Colby Protect-a-RACK front and rear upright protectors. These protectors are designed to improve safety and reduce rack replacement costs in a customers’ facility.
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02/12/08 - Double Deep Racking from Colby Storage Solutions offers a cost effective method of bulk storage. Pallets are stored two-deep, cutting the number of access aisles by about half in any given area.
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10/11/08 - Housing 28,000 pallets, the DC incorporates the new Colby Drive-In Rack and Protect-a-RACK systems for optimal storage space efficiency, flexibility and high levels of operator productivity and safety. Colby Protect-a-RACK substantially increases the impact resistance of rack uprights by spreading and transferring any forces from an impact to the rack frame bracing with the strong section of the rack improving safety and reducing on-going rack repair costs.
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