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Presenting a safe and secure opportunity, Colby's Raised Storage Areas are designed to cost effectively maximise floor space by utilising unused overhead space. Without interrupting ground level workflows, raised storage areas can be easily installed and are an ideal solution for distribution centres and warehouses, meaning you may not have to relocate after all!

Medium-duty Raised Storage Areas - Construct Fast and Inexpensive Free Standing Floors
By using Colby's range of standard components, this medium duty flooring is a quick and easy solution for simple raised storage areas that can also be integrated with Colby's shelving and racking systems.

  • Uses standard ColbyRACK components so can be easily reconfigured 
  • Flexible options 
  • Stairs, treads, barriers and handrails included 
  • A range of decking options available 
  • Seamless integration of shelving and racking systems 
Heavy-duty Raised Storage Areas - Versatile and Space Saving
Allowing large load capacities, Colby's heavy duty flooring systems are designed with fewer components, reducing installation times and making them a cost effective solution for any warehouse or factory.

  • Bracing for added stability 
  • Easily reconfigured 
  • Colby’s Sigma beam profiles for optimum structural performance 
  • Increased aisle width 
  • Bolted support structure 
  • Fire protection equipment and lighting can be integrated easily 
  • A range of decking options available 
With the experience of Colby's team of storage professionals, these Raised Storage Areas can be designed and customised according to users’ requirements and needs, and they give peace of mind, meeting all structural standards. Colby Storage Solutions information and contact details


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