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Drive-in pallet racking is the most popular form of high density pallet storage at lower costs. Pallets are stored in lanes several pallets deep on tapered “pallet runners” that assist drivers to accurately and safely position their load.

Comprehensive and Cost Effective Storage Solutions
  • Heavy duty bracing increases strength and load capacity 
  • Robust pallet runners for easy load positioning 
  • Innovative one piece formed cantilever brackets that wrap securely around the upright 
  • Backstops to prevent incorrect pallet positioning and rack damage 
  • Purpose designed floor channels to guide forklift into the racking bays for quick, easy and safe alignment 
  • Patented Colby Protect-a-RACK wraps around the base of uprights to further prevent rack damage 
Fast and Easy Installation Pallet Racks
  • Optimised design using fewer, but stronger structural components meaning you pay less without compromising safety 
  • Standardised components mean installation and relocation is quick and simple 
  • Modular design is highly configurable for individual needs 
  • Incorporates a completely integrated system of safety 
  • Designed to meet the highest Australian standards of safety 
Use Drive-in Pallet Rack from Colby when:
  • You want the highest cubic area utilisation 
  • You need to store large quantities of the same product 
  • Your product suits the first-in, last-out storage method 
Drive-in racking provides excellent storage capacity in applications where there are large quantities of pallets for each SKU.  Colby Storage Solutions information and contact details


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