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Maximum Storage with Colby's Pallet Racking
ColbyRack Pallet Racking is a versatile storage system which can be tailored quickly, easily and economically to your precise needs, whether you want to take advantage of unused space in your existing facility, or you are building a whole new warehouse.

Colby Storage Solutions’ talented team of structural engineers and experienced storage system designers can help you maximise you valuable warehouse space, while giving you the flexibility to operate with complete efficiency.

Durable Pallet Racks creating Outstanding Safety

  • Designed to exceed relevant Australian and International standards 
  • Comprehensive range of quality Racking solutions 
  • Can be designed to handle virtually any product size or weight 
  • Designed for maximum storage density and space utilisation 
  • Easily reconfigured or relocated at any time 
  • Safe, low maintenance design 
  • Rackman certified for your safety and peace of mind 
  • Application-specific solutions, such as coil and reel holders, also available 
Variations of ColbyRack Pallet Racking
Selective Systems provide immediate, ready access to virtually all pallets. The lowest cost solution, Selective systems are needed where there is a wide range of products, with only a few pallets of each, typical of retailers or wholesalers. Types of Selective Colby Racking include:

  • Standard single-deep Rack 
  • Double-deep Rack 
  • Narrow aisle Racking 
  • Very narrow aisle Racking (VNA) 
Significant Customer Benefits with the ColbyRack

  • Designed for quality for lowest lifecycle cost 
  • Rigorously tested and designed to the highest safety standards 
  • Safety auditing and damage replacement service 
  • On-going technical, operational and maintenance support 
  • Proven long-term performance
Non-selective systems restrict access to individual pallets, but maximise your space efficiency. Non-selective systems are better suited when there are many pallets of each product, typical of manufacturers. Types of non-selective Colby Racking include Drive-in Racks, Push Back Racks and Pallet Live Storage.
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