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Drive-in pallet racking available from Colby Storage Solutions

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Colby drive-in pallet racking, available from Colby Storage Solutions , is a form of high density pallet storage. Colby drive-in pallet racking provides storage capacity in applications where there is a large quantity of pallets for each SKU. It is suitable for industry sectors including general manufacturing, food and beverage as well as the cold storage industry.

Colby drive-in pallet racking has advanced design characteristics that ensure optimal performance at a low cost per footprint. Heavy-duty bracing connects symmetrically to the rack upright, increasing strength and load-carrying capacity, while reducing the amount of bracing required. The system includes one piece, formed cantilever brackets that wrap securely around the upright.

Backstops are positioned at the end of the pallet runners to prevent pallets from being pushed too far into the rack, eliminating potential damage to spine bracing and further increasing safety. Heavy-duty floor channels guide forklifts into Colby drive-in pallet racking bays, ensuring easy alignment, safer handling and reduced risk of rack damage. For added protection, Colby Protect-a-Rack wraps around the base of the rack uprights, with its angled profile deflecting impacts, minimising damage and maximising clear bay entry.

The Colby drive-in pallet racking has the following advantages:

  • Optimised design uses few, but strong and large structural components, without compromising load capacity and safety
  • Colby drive-in racking components are standardised, making installation quick
  • Modular design is configurable for individual needs
  • Colby drive-in racking incorporates an integrated system of safety elements to minimise damage in the event of accidents and maximise the life of customers’ storage system

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