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Colby’s raised storage areas increase storage space and safety

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article image A Colby raised storage area featuring a reversible conveyor optimises overhead space and also eliminates heavy lifting by workers to carry stock up or down

Raised storage areas by Colby Storage Solutions are designed to cost-effectively double the usable floor area in industrial and commercial environments.

Though many businesses need extra space for day-to-day storage, handling and picking activities, very often the free headspace remains unused.

Colby raised storage areas are designed to optimise use of the overhead space, doubling the usable floor area of a factory or distribution centre, subject to regulatory approval. Built strong and secure, the raised storage areas provide access to new overhead work areas with minimal interruption to ground level workflow.

Colby’s pallet racking components can be used to assemble low cost, medium-duty floors to create raised storage areas that are purpose-designed for bulk storage or additional order picking.

Colby also offers solutions to easily access the raised storage areas and eliminate the effort required to get stock in or out of the space.

Colby’s extensive range of powered and gravity conveyors can turn these raised storage areas into more efficient and safer workspaces. Conveyors add value to overhead workspace by transporting goods from the raised storage area to the ground level for order processing or to replenish stock on the upper level, which can be accomplished by using a reversible conveyor that allows product to be moved up and down.

These conveyors also increase workplace safety as operator exposure to heavy lifting and the associated risks of carrying bulky goods up and down stairways are almost completely eliminated. Colby conveyors can easily be integrated into existing raised storage areas.

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