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Coates Hire rubbish chute helps dispose of waste materials from home renovation project

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A rubbish chute installed by Coates Hire came to the rescue of a couple involved in a detailed DIY home renovation project in Sydney.

Amber Cutajar and Daniel Fawcett purchased a top-floor apartment in a four-storey block in the Sydney suburb of Monterey, and immediately began DIY renovations. Starting with the flooring and the bathroom, the couple expanded the scope of their renovation project to a full-blown home makeover.

Amber explains that they have completely changed the flooring to timber tiles throughout, as well as installed new carpet in the bedrooms and tiles on the balcony. In addition to a complete bathroom renovation, they have added LED downlights throughout, painted, set-up a home media hub, and rewired the apartment to allow full connectivity.

However, the project scope also resulted in a growing pile of old building materials that needed to be quickly and efficiently disposed of, without causing undue mess in the common area of the block or disrupting their neighbours. The rubbish totalled about three cubic metres in quantity.

After consulting with a friend in the waste management business who recommended Australia's leading equipment hire company, Coates Hire, the couple discussed the problem with the Coates Hire crew who suggested a rubbish chute with a top hopper and window bracket.

Coates Hire Area Product Specialist – Lift & Shift, Propping, Brouke McLachlan, who was assigned to the job, inspected the site and measured the space for the garbage chute.

Brouke explains that rubbish chutes are designed to get building material down in a safe and controlled manner. In this particular instance, an 880mm-wide window bracket was used with the rubbish chutes hanging from the actual window bracket. The top hopper was placed on the top chute to stop any debris from going over the side or top.

Installing the chute system also proved cost-effective for the duo, saving them from having to hire additional labour to remove the garbage and clean the carpets in the common area of the stairwell.

Following the initial site inspection, Brouke had decided to install the system on the balcony as it had a solid double brick construction and was also wide enough to accommodate the window bracket. However, on the day of the installation, the Coates Hire team discovered that Amber and Daniel had made some changes to the place making the balcony unsuitable for the chute system.

A solution was found quickly and the rubbish chute was installed outside the bedroom window. For Brouke, the most important thing was that Amber and Daniel were happy with his service and the product installed.

Amber said the speed with which the Coates Hire team supplied the product, and its ease-of-use, mean she will definitely recommend the hire company to her friends.

The rubbish chute was installed, used and dismantled within about 30 hours.

Key features of Coates Hire rubbish chutes:

  • Designed for safety with lockable covers and anti-spill barriers
  • Securable to the floor
  • Made from high density polyethylene
  • Extra strong and very versatile
  • Quick installation and dismantling
  • Capable of being mounted on a number of applications, including worksites and high rise constructions
  • Available with a scaffold bracket to be hung from a steel scaffold, and a slab bracket, designed to be dyna-bolted into concrete

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