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Siemens SINUMERIK 802D sl panel-based CNC controllers available from CNC Design

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Siemens SINUMERIK 802D sl, available from CNC Design , is a panel-based NC for standardised turning and milling machines. The SINUMERIK 802D has simple installation, easy commissioning and DIN programming language paired with high-performance cycles.

The SINUMERIK 802D sl solution line is an operating panel control which makes available all CNC components (NC, PLC, HMI) in one single unit. Equipped with maximally 5 axes (two of which may be realised as spindles), this control is suitable for turning and milling machines in the lower and medium performance range.

The features of SINUMERIK 802D sl are combined with the benefits of the new SINAMICS S120 drive concept, thus providing a new, future-oriented and homogeneous solution.

The SINUMERIK 802D sl allows users to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Efficiency and flexibility through innovative planning and drive technology 
  • Convenient operation and programming through proven DIN programming supported by advanced programming aids (cycles, contour definitions) and through ShopMill/ShopTurn-based setup 
  • Comfortable handling through the use of commercially available CF cards (64MB to >1GB) for the storage, transmission and processing of part programmes
The standard software supplied with the SINUMERIK 802D sl assists users by means of programming aids (for example, cycles or contour editor) and straightforward setting up. The operation is assisted by visual, user-oriented presentation of tasks as well as by clear sequences. By means of practice-oriented setting up and measuring functions, 2-D simulation with zoom and calculation of machining time are achieved.

The productivity is enhanced through functions including supporting PC-software for work planning (such as CAD reader), 4-axes machining and mould-making support, CF-card for unlimited part programme storage and processing of Extern.

The SINUMERIK 802D sl operator panel control system together with the SINAMICS S120 drive system is suitable for use with standardised milling machines which extends from one-off production to 3-axes mould-making applications.

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