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Siemens rotary servomotors available from CNC Design

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For motion control applications, CNC Design offer an extensive range of rotary servomotors. These are available in both synchronous and induction versions up to linear and high precision torque motors with a high dynamic performance. The 1FK7, 1FT7 and 1FT6 synchronous servomotors are also available from the factory with various gear unit versions.

With the wide variety of different gear units for the 1FK7, 1FT7 and 1FT6 series, CNC Design address a wide range of applications regarding:

  • Speed/torque ranges
  • Accuracy/dynamic performance specifications
  • Mounting types
  • Encoders
All of the geared servo motors provide optimum performance due to their compact design. They are characterised by their high precision with low torsional backlash. This is the reason that they are ideally suited for cyclic operation in motion control applications.

These geared servo motors can be used where space is restricted as most of the gear units are directly mounted without coupling and 1FK7-CT motors are compact. The integrated 1FK7-DYA compact geared motor is space-saving. The different gear unit versions, the different types of construction and mounting positions allow the optimum geared motors to be selected for any mounting situation.

The gear units have a high degree of efficiency, are torsionally stiff and have low torsional backlash. If a user requires the lowest backlash select for a planetary gear unit, this makes the geared servo motors suitable for applications with high demands on the precision.

The Siemens CAD creator tool supplies the mechanical data required for the mounting. The motor and gear unit are supplied as one pre-assembled unit and the gear units are already filled with oil or grease in the factory. This means that they can be quickly mounted in position. As a result of the rugged design and the permanent lubrication filled in the factory, it is not necessary to change the oil. In operation, these geared servo motors are maintenance friendly.

The geared servo motors with gear units are available with the same encoder options as for the relevant 1FK7/1FT6/1FT7 servomotors available. As a result of their features, geared servo motors are especially suitable for the following applications:

  • Transport conveyor belts and positioning/adjusting axes in high-bay racking units and other handling equipment
  • Assembly equipment
  • Packaging machines
  • Plastic machines
  • Woodworking, glass and ceramic processing
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Paper and printing industry
  • Auxiliary axes on machine tools
  • General machine constructions
Helical and angled gear units: Compact 1FK7-CT motors with helical and angled gears are available for average to high motion control applications where precision and dynamic performance is demanded. Depending on the particular gear unit version and ratio, rated speeds extend from 40 up to 780rpm, the output torques from 3.63 to 1737Nm. The type range comprises helical geared motors with 9, offset-shaft geared motors with 5, bevel geared motors with 8, and worm geared motors with 5 gearbox sizes. A wide range of mechanical mounting methods can be realised with numerous options. The geared servomotors are designed for operation without external cooling and the heat is dissipated through the motor and gear box surface. The gear wheels have helical teeth, where the gear units have smooth running characteristics and a low noise level.

Planetary gear units: Servomotors with planetary gear units are the optimum choice for motion control applications where high to very high requirements are placed on precision and dynamic performance. Depending on the actual requirement, three different versions are available:

  • Planetary gear units, series LP+, mounted onto 1FK7 motors are extremely precise and compact
  • Planetary gear units, series SP+, mounted onto 1FK7, 1FT6 and 1FT7 motors are compact in design and have the highest degree of precision
The gearboxes are flanged directly to the drive end of the motors and form a compact coaxial drive unit. The gearboxes are available in a non-balanced design and with fitted key output shaft. The single stage have an efficiency >97% with <4 arc/min and the 2-stage >94% with <6 arc/min. They are lubricated and sealed for their service life and are suitable for all mounting positions with a degree of protection of: IP65 for SP+ and IP64 for LP+.

Compact geared motor 1FK7-DYN: The 1FK7-DYN compact geared motor combines electrical and mechanical components in the smallest space possible. This mechanical unit consist of a permanent-magnet 1FK7 synchronous motor and a directly mounted single stage planetary gearbox. This geared unit is compatible with IM B14 flange and shaft extension for the LP+ planetary gearbox. This unit has degree of protection of IP64 and low mechanical torsional backlash of <8 arc/min.

As a result of their features, geared servo motors are preferably used in the following applications:

  • Transport conveyor belts and positioning/adjusting axes in handling systems
  • Assembly equipment
  • Packaging machines
  • Plastic machines
  • Woodworking, glass and ceramic processing
  • Machine tools
The main reason for selecting planetary geared motor over helical and angled geared motor is due to their higher dynamic performance and precision. Like the motors, the geared motors are also offered in versions complying with ATEX. There are geared motors available here with all types of gears: Helical, helical bevel, helical worm, offset and worm gearboxes.

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