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Within the Advanced Circuit Materials Division, Rogers Advanced Materials manufacture high frequency laminates for applications in the wireless base station, aerospace and defense, automotive, high-speed digital and advanced chip packaging industries.

Typical applications for the various circuit materials include automotive collision avoidance systems, cellular and pager telecommunication systems, remote meter readers and automotive global positioning satellite antennas.

High maximum operating temperature
The Rogers Advanced RF Materials circuit materials provide an excellent solution for printed circuit board applications used in demanding conditions. Other features include:
  • Lead-free solder capable
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Enviromentally friendly
Circuit Materials are flame retardant and halogen free
The Syron 7000 thermo plastic circuit materials are lead-free solder capable laminates that are green materials which are naturally flame retardant.

  • Resistant to solvents and reagents used to process circuit boards
  • Halogen free/flame retardant
  • Low smoke/toxicity
Products within the range include the Prepregs/Bonding Films, RO3000 Series Laminate, RO4000 Series Laminate, TMM, RT Duroid, Ultralam and the XT Duroid.

All the electrical components manufactured by Rogers Advanced Materials are renowned for their high quality, as these electrical accessories have been designed and constructed to consistently offer optimum performance regardless of the work conditions. Clarke & Severn Electronics information and contact details


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