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Clarke and Severn offer a range of test tool solutions that are affordable, portable, easy to use and highly cost effective.

The Lab Brick USB Hub for optimal performance and ultra low noise

The Lab Brick features ultra low noise for optimal performance of audio and video recording equipment.

The Lab Brick USB Hubs are designed for everyday engineers and techs, who want value for money and reliability in the Test Equipment they use. They also feature:

  • Cast aluminium housing for long lasting durability
  • Oversized power source to support current intensive USB peripherals on 4 ports simultaneously
  • Compatible with 12V automotive power supply
  • DVM probe access for monitoring USB device load current on port 1

Lab Brick Synthesized Signal Generator operates
from a power pack or USB
For greater ease of use, the Lab Brick Synthesized Signal Generator can be powered from either a a USB or a standard power pack.  The Lab Brick LMS series of synthesized generators bring affordability and functionality to the microwave test bench. Features include:

  • Cost effective, fast switching signal generators to 20 GHz
  • Fast internal and external Pulse Modulation
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Include easy to use virtual front panel GUI program
  • Selectable internal and external 10 MHz reference
Other products within the Clarke Severn range include the Signal Hound, USB Scalar Network Analyser, Expert I/O 1000 and USB Portable Test Equipment. Lab brick USB Hubs and signal generators are a fast, easy to use and cost effective solution to your signal generation needs. Clarke & Severn Electronics information and contact details


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