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Clarke & Severn Electronics supplies Omnetics connectors, the worldwide designer and manufacturer of micro and nano miniature interconnect products for medical, aerospace, military and defence applications.

High quality Omnetics Bi-Lobe connectors

  • Available either as Hermetic or Non Hermetic Connectors
  • Ideal for high pressure applications that require low leakage rates such as optics, cryogenics, petroleum, space and UAV Systems
  • Mating Pin and Socket models available
  • Pre wired 18" leads
  • All sizes horizontal or vertical surface, straight thru-hole, panel and flex-circuit mounts
  • Colour coded wiring for easy installation 
  • Available in weld-able or solder-able bulkhead mounts with 9-65 positions

Shock resistant Omnetics Nano Connectors

  • Withstands high shocks and vibrations while still maintaining their electrical integrity
  • Ideal for the most demanding applications
  • Rugged and reliable Flex-Pin contact system
  • Smallest Mil-Quality circulars available today, spaced on 25 mil (.64mm) centerlines and a 9.0 mm mated length
  • Extremely small outer diameters range from .122" (3.1 mm) to .217" (5.5 mm)
  • Gold plated contacts are polarised and shrouded with unique Liquid Crystal Polymer housing, making these connectors capable of over 2,000 mating cycles

Clarke & Severn Electronic's range of Omnetics bi-lobe and nano connectors provide a precise and reliable solution in demanding and high precision applications.

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