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Citiguard Protection Service outline benefits of home security systems

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According to Citiguard Protection Service , home security systems should be one among the most important appliances in all homes. One of the first investments that should be made, after purchasing a new home, is a home security system. With drug use among America's youth holding at a steady pace or rising, a home security system should be on top of the priority list. 

A home security system has the following four objectives:

  • Deterrence: Statistically, intruders are two to three times less likely to enter a home, if a home displays a security system sign on the front lawn and windows.
  • Minimum loss: If someone is brave enough to enter a home after seeing the lawn sign, they do not believe that home owners actually have a home security system. In case an intruder decides to enter the home and the alarm goes off, chances are that the intruder will not stay long.
  • Avoid a confrontation: If home owners have a home security system and someone had entered the home, then home owners should not enter home when the alarm sounds.
  • Fire protection: The home security system of today has the ability to have smoke detectors connected to it. ADT calls them smoke communicators. If smoke is detected, the home security system alerts the monitoring station and a representative calls the home; if someone does not answer the phone, then the fire department is dispatched.

Insurance companies offer up to a 20% discount for having a home security system. The investment will eventually be paid by the insurance company. Overall, a home security system should be strongly considered by new homeowners.

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