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Citiguard Protection Service discuss the importance of foolproof home security solutions

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Citiguard Protection Service  observe that most people, when considering their home or business security, automatically think of alarm systems. In reality, the alarm system, as sophisticated as it may be, is what the burglars are trained to deal with. It is part of their skills to be able to neutralise most of the alarm systems commonly installed on residential and commercial properties. There are burglars who have engineering degrees in electronics. Some of them are the ones who design the alarm systems that are used by property owners.

Citiguard Protection Service outline the following crucial points for a better security approach. They are as follows:
Create a perimeter, which would alert of the incoming intruders: Motion detectors and hidden peripheral security cameras with online remote monitoring can be used. When activated, the motion detector will trigger a telephone call to the cell-phone. The trespasser may not be a burglar; he could be the mailman, gardener or someone who is coming for a surprise visit. As home owners receive the warning call, they can visit the security company website, usually the same company which installed the remote monitoring security system, and can enter their usernames and passwords and see what is happening on their property. If the visitor looks like a burglar, home owners can then call the police. Home owners will have the video recording to prove the suspect was behaving as a burglar. The images recorded may help identify the person. Moreover, flood lights should not face the hidden cameras. If the lights shine into the cameras, the subject in the image will result having the dark side exposed to the camera, possibly compromising any attempt of identification.

Establish a first line of defence: The first line of defence is a passive one and it is comprised of robust doors and windows. Home owners should place the alarm company stickers on their doors and windows. They should also have a security camera in plain site right outside their front doors. All doors and windows, even the upstairs ones, need to be locked and connected to the alarm system. At this point, when the burglar has broken into the house or business, it is time to alert the authorities, but not the intruder. Having the alarm activate a siren at this time is a common mistake. When the siren goes off, the burglar knows that he has few minutes before the police arrive. The experienced burglar will know if he has enough time to get the loot and get away before the police arrive.

Establish a second line of defence: Use sets of two cameras at every observation point, one as it would be normally installed and the second one as a hidden camera. Nowadays, wireless cameras can be small and easy to conceal exactly because of the absence of wires.

Attack: If finances allow home owners to install home automation, they can engage the intruder with some psychological warfare. Home owners, through their web interface, can turn on and off various appliances, lights or a tape recorder with a pre-recorded message. Use inventing ways to surprise the intruder. Home owners should not try to trap the intruder or cause him any injury. There have been similar cases where the burglar has sued the property owner for putting his life in danger and won the case.

Home owners can distract the thief by calling their home phones and when the answering machine picks up, they can initiate a conversation. Let the burglar know that he is being watched. The point is not to scare the burglar away, but simply to distract him and make him slow down so that home owners can have more time to call the police or the alarm company security guards, to reach the site.

There are several type of devices with wireless transmitter, which may be strategically placed so that when a certain item is moved, the alarm will emit a loud sound. The thief’s first reaction will be to destroy the device, but if home owners have placed the device out of reach, then the intruder may be forced to abandon the room. This type of device can be connected to closet or cabinets doors, drawers or directly to items like precious art pieces, jewellery boxes, TVs and safes.

The traditional alarm system that sounds a siren when the burglar brakes in does not save one from being burglarised. Nowadays, home owners can use motion detectors that trigger several telephone calls and security cameras with online remote monitoring to check their property any time they want and record any unusual event. Security cameras with online remote monitoring are a good investment for property owners and will provide a much safer future for homes.

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