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Extreme programming pays off

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CITECT has announced the release of CitectSCADA V5.42, a powerful automation solution that enables organisations to lower operational risk by delivering scalable, reliable control and monitoring systems.

V5.42 is the first CitectSCADA release to be developed using eXtreme Programming (XP), a customer-centric, agile development methodology that is designed to deliver zero-defect code.

"Citect is doing its utmost to continually increase customer value and lower total cost of ownership", said Wayne Morris, CEO and MD, Citect.

"The significant investment we have made in XP, chosen for its emphasis on delivering quality software, is testimony to our efforts."

"XP is focused on business value", said Bernard Beaudoin, quality manager, Citect.

"Citect's eXtreme Programmers work together in pairs, to ensure that code is developed and tested in a consistent style so that everyone can understand it and make improvements as needed to meet the customer-defined requirements.

"The end result is software robust enough to cope with some of the world's largest, SCADA systems."

Introduced in V5.42 are powerful new tools that further lower operational risk. Automated diagnostic tools capture customer system information that can be readily analysed, increasing the efficiency with which Citect Support can resolve customers' needs.

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