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Heavy duty interlaced spring

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article image Smalley’s interlaced Spirawave springs.

SMALLEY has developed a new interlaced Spirawave spring for applications where extremely high forces and long deflections are required. It is available from Circlips .

The spring is comprised of two or three large Smalley Crest-to-Crest Spirawave springs wound together to form a single heavy-duty spring. The interlaced spring delivers substantially higher forces but maintains excellent deflection characteristics to cater for demanding engineering applications.

The interlaced spring is an ideal replacement for situations where disc-spring stacks or pocketed coil springs are used. As a single component, it avoids the assembly difficulties associated with stacking and orientating disc springs and eliminates costly machining operations to house multiple coil springs.

The force generated relative to its diameter also means that the interlaced spring can save radial space, giving design engineers the option to reduce housing where space is an issue.

Several major clients, particularly in the offshore oil industry, now specify the interlaced spring. The option to manufacture parts from alloys including Elgiloy and Inconel X-750 means that it satisfies the most demanding requirements.

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