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Battery charger for remote areas

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article image Christie’s outback battery charger.

CHRISTIE Engineering has released a range of dc outback battery chargers that are specifically designed for travelers who use 12 volt car fridges, spotlights and other appliances when camping in remote areas.

The smallest 2.5hp 55 amp charger will fully recharge a flat 12V N70 battery in 1-2 hours and save many headaches whilst camping and, weighing only 12kg, the outback battery charger must be a strong consideration for trips to remote outback places.

All models are powered by Honda engines, and utilise Bosch charging technology providing reliability when needed most.

Basic models feature a super bright LED that shows when the charger is supplying current, with a control panel that changes the charge rates between 14 and 14.8 volts, and all have inbuilt voltage regulators so overcharging cannot occur.

The top of the range 55 and 80 amp models feature a digital LED amp meter which displays precisely what current the charger is supplying to the batteries.

The chargers are great for jump starting vehicles, and will pump enough power into a flat battery to start a car or 4WD in as little as five minutes, quite handy if your stranded with a flat battery, in the outback or in a boat on the water.

The chargers are also available in 12 volt 80 amp and 12 volt 120 amp models, or 24 volt 45 amp models available in petrol or diesel, for those with larger serious charging requirements of multiple solar battery systems, electric and automatic start on demand control units are available.

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