Aseptic & High Viscosity liner bags to assist with decanting high viscous liquids

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CHEP Pallecon Solutions provides an extensive range of material handling equipment and Liner bags for various applications from food-grade to hazardous goods. The Liner bag range is design tested for strength and flex resistance and is available in different form fit structures. Operational efficiencies are improved with the use of Aseptic, High Viscosity liner bags to assist with the decanting of high viscous liquids.

Blue Co-Extruded Liners

Suitable for various liquid and non-liquid food applications,- the Blue Co-Extruded Liners feature blue tint on all layers to ensure superior food safety. The co-extrusion technology offers higher performance characteristics in strength, puncture and flex crack resistance when compared to mono film structures. 

Features and benefits include

  • Blue tint on all film layers to assist in food safety
  • Improved transport efficiency through the high flex resistance properties
  • Enabling of operational costs sayings with hot product filling capabilities of up to 85°C
  • Increased level of puncture and tear resistance minimises product wastage
  • Maintains product integrity with FDA, IMS, Kosher and Halal compliances

MaxiValve Liner

The MaxiValve Liner bag range is available for bulk liquid discharge applications, offered in aseptic and non-aseptic films and also a range of pillow and form-fit shape structures. MaxiValve features a ball valve, which improves the product flow rate by 33% when compared to traditional butterfly valves.

Features and benefits include

  • Improved product flow rate and reduction in overall container discharge time
  • 45mm ball valve member provides an unrestricted product flow
  • Superior transport flex resistance
  • Fitted with a tamper device to prevent unauthorised use
  • Suitable for temperatures under 80°C
  • The valve itself can be steamed sterilised to temperatures of up to 130°C
  • Food contact, Kosher, Parve approved

Our solutions are available from service centres across the country and can be facilitated by online account management systems

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