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CHEP's range of specialist vented plastic bins deliver increased cost efficiencies in the transport and storage of bulk horticultural goods.

Vented plastic bins are reusable, foldable, lightweight, waterproof and food-grade quality
  • Two types of food grade foldable bins, a solid, non-vented unit and a vented unit, both offer resilient protection for produce in the field or incool storage
  • Non-vented units are completely sealed and eliminate the need for liner bags making them ideal for grape harvesting, processed produce and small goods industries
  • Vented units are designed for fresh farm produce
  • Their ventilation system provides cooling at twice the speed of comparable wooden bins, which helps improve the shelf life of produce
Easy to clean and impervious to moisture bins are lightweight
  • Manufactured using a high quality plastic injection moulding process
  • Internal chamfered venting in side and floor panels
  • Stackable up to five high loaded and ten high empty
  • Savings are also achieved in transport and storage, as CHEP vented bins can be safely stacked and have a constant tare weight
CHEP's food-grade, vented plastic bins can be used for a range of bulk fresh produce including nursery and forestry industries to transport plants and seedlings. As plastic is impervious to moisture, they provide better hygiene standards and reduced exposure to bacteria and fungi and the vented design allows for faster cooling in cold storage to aid ripening and help reduce product damage.
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