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CHEP launches triple tine forklifts to cut yard waiting times

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A new innovation from CHEP Australia is reducing yard wait times for truck drivers at CHEP service centres. The pooled equipment provider is soon rolling out triple-tine forklift trucks to its metro operations nationally in 2015.

First introduced in January 2014 at CHEP’s Gillman Service Centre in South Australia, the triple-tine forklift trucks have already helped reduce load times by an average of 10½ minutes compared to loading with a double-tine forklift.

CHEP’s Regional Operations Manager Mike O’Flaherty observes that the measure has certainly decreased the wait time for customers’ trucks in the yard delivering cost benefits. Having worked at the Gillman Service Centre for 23 years, he notes that the yard is the least congested he has ever seen in the normally busy lead up to Christmas.

According to Mr O’Flaherty, the triple pallet handler attachment allows them to carry three stacks of pallets in a single movement compared to two stacks with the double pallet handlers, achieving a 50 per cent improvement in productivity as well as load/unload times.

CHEP has introduced several improvements to reduce wait times as part of its process of continuous improvement including fitting forklift trucks with larger gas tanks, cutting filling time down to once per shift and saving up to 30 minutes per forklift. CHEP Logistics trucks are now loaded overnight to reduce yard congestion during the day.

CHEP worked with the forklift manufacturers to customise the specs, and build an attachment that could handle three stacks of pallets safely and be strong enough to cope with the 50 per cent increase in weight. The new five-tonne fork truck is small enough to manoeuvre around a CHEP yard and has the flexibility to pick up one, two or three stacks of pallets/product at a time.

CHEP’s latest innovation has been welcomed by truck drivers, especially for the faster load times. Internally, CHEP staff also appreciates the air-conditioned forklift trucks, especially in the hot summer.

Victoria’s largest pallet service centre at Dandenong South adopted the new innovation in August, with Altona to introduce it in early 2015 followed by key metro sites nationally.

CHEP Operations Manager, Southern, Antony Hill adds that wait times are expected to reduce across the board with the flow-on effect being improved efficiency for customers and reduced transportation costs.

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