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Rotating torque and torque/angle sensors

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THE Lebow Model 1254 Series rotary torque and torque/angle sensor line is primarily used to monitor operation of systems for fastening strategies such as torque to turn, tension control, torque rate, yield control, as well as auditing and calibrations on fastening tools.

These units accurately measure torque in both the clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Units equipped with the incremental encoders offer 360 pulses per revolution with high low output consisting of two square wave signals with 90 degree phase difference.

The Model 1254 has a sensitivity at rated output of 2mV/V nominal trimmed to ±0.25%. Non-linearity specifications of ±0.25% or better at rated output. All sensors are deadweight calibrated with standards traceable to the NIST. Chase Engineering 02 9439 8299.

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