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Chain Breakers and Punches from Chain & Drives Australia

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Chain & Drives Australia  supplies a range of tooling and equipment designed to break drive chains in specific lengths.

Chain detachers from Chain & Drives Australia are lightweight hand tools that can quickly disassemble roller chains without the need of a hammer, punch or vice. Chain detachers are available in three models.

Chain breakers can be used with ANSI Standard chain sizes No. 35 through to 140.

Straight punch type chain cutters offer high efficiency in quick disassembly of chains compared with the conventional chain cutters on the market. These chain cutters are particularly effective in the breaking of forklift leaf chains and directional drilling leaf chains.

Chain & Drives Australia also offers chain wear gauges to suit all sizes of chains. The chain gauges assist in identifying pin elongation and chain stretching. In addition to identifying worn and stretched chains, chain gauges will prevent costly downtime caused by chain breaking due to overload.

Chain & Drives Australia offers a free chain inspection service and a free independent report on the condition of chains in most applications.

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