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A Leader in Australian Forging Companies

Since 1918 CGC Kymon has been defining quality and customer service in the Australian Open Die Forging industry. Today, CGC Kymon is one of the leading forging companies in Australia, operating in two modern open die facilities in Australia for the local and international markets.


Open Die Forgings with Greater Strength

  • Fewer defects, made to order
  • Economical and reliable
  • Only the open die forging process can yield a grain structure oriented to the part shape, resulting in optimum toughness, ductility, impact strength and fatigue strength
  • Produced from the cleanest steels, thereby minimising non metallic inclusions and retained gases which can embrittle castings and plate
  • Greater uniform structure and finer grain size than castings or plate resulting in more predictable and uniform mechanical properties as well as higher yield strengths for any given hardness level
  • Conversely, localised soft spots in castings and plate can develop into cracks and laminations respectively
  • Often the only metalworking process available with certain grades in desired sizes
  • No pattern or die costs
  • Forgings are produced close to final shape thereby minimising material waste
  • As material costs increase, forgings become a cost effective alternative to the wasteful process of flame cutting
  • When reliability is critical, design engineers will often specify forgings


Forging Solutions

CGC Kymon customers around the world depend on their products and services, delivering custom open die forged components from 1kgs to 6,000kgs. Quality, cost savings and customer service are key components of their success. When high integrity open die steel forgings are specified, CGC Kymon is the industry preference.


CGC Kymon customises products for diverse markets, from metal service centres and job shops, to end use markets like construction and mining. Whether you need a forged shaft for a shipbuilding requirement, or a forged hub for a gear application, CGC Kymon can help you.


CGC Kymon Forgings for Mining and Construction

The semi finished open die steel forgings are suitable for the following industries:

  • Construction, Defence, Fabricated Metal
  • Food Product Machinery, Forging
  • Gear/Power,  Transmission, General Industrial Machinery
  • Machine/Job Shop, Metalworking Machinery, Mining
  • Oil and Gas Field, Paper, Print Trade, Power Generation
  • Primary Metals, Service Centres, Shipbuilding


Replacement Load Rollers for RH Series Shovels and Excavators

  • Singular piece construction for longer lasting product life
  • Constructed from premium forging strength for integration in demanding conditions
  • High strength roller body is forged to profile and spun hardened
  • Designed to meet AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 accreditation


With their vast inventory, flexible shapes and quantities and value added options from as forged to rough machined and heat treated parts, CGC Kymon provides metal forgings and open die forgings for many different industry needs.

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