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Forged ring solutions from CGC Kymon save money

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article image CGC Kymon’s forged ring
Made-to-order forged rings by CGC Kymon allow greater versatility and improved quality while reducing material cost.

Conventional methods such as flame cutting a ring from plate are not always viable or economical when meeting material requirements. Flame-cutting results in loss of all corner material and the full centre material, causing unnecessary material wastage for the customer.

Additionally, as the desired thickness of the ring increases, availability of plate sizes and grades drastically decreases. The uni-directional grain flow of plate also increases susceptibility of the ring to fatigue failure.

However, CGC Kymon’s forging process moves and shapes material to the ordered ring size with minimal material waste.

Key benefits of CGC Kymon’s forged ring solutions:

  • Required ring thickness has no effect on the virtually limitless combinations of sizes and grades available
  • Porosity and laminations encountered in plate are eliminated with a made-to-forged ring
  • Contoured grain flow within forged ring yields optimum combination of strength, toughness and fatigue resistance

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