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New preparation equipment reduces processing time

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CFS has launched new preparation equipment to ensure processing time is reduced, yet quality and hygienic standards are still upheld. New equipment includes - MultiTrack, CutMaster, TopCut, PortionCut, ScanMidi, PerFormer, TempuMixer, SuperFry, CookStar TurboCook, TempoFrost, MegaSlicer, ShingleLoader, SmartWrapper, TwinStar and various shrinkbags.

CFS MultiTrack

CFS is setting a new standard in meat analysis with the introduction of the revolutionary in-line fat analyser, the MasterTrack. The meat is already tested for its fat and lean meat contents while being minced and the whole production process becomes much more efficient as result.

CFS has developed a high degree of competence in the field of meat analysis. The high quality of the MultiTrack online system has been well known for many years but now CFS is going one step further.

The CFS MasterTrack is fully integrated into the grinder. This revolutionary new technology now allows the fat and lean meat contents of a batch of meat to be specified during the size reduction process - fully automatically.

The advantages of this further development are obvious. Obtaining the analysis earlier means that the subsequent production processes can be arranged much more efficiently.

Adjustments can be made immediately in order to achieve specified targets, without delay or interruption. Exact process control saves time and money on every batch.

Moreover, efficiency and reliability are not contradictory, in fact just the opposite is the case. The in-line fat analyser takes measurements continuously and analyses the amount of meat to be processed, which achieves a high degree of accuracy.

The problem of manual handling of the meat - meaning manual removal, preparation and separate analysis of a sample - is now a thing of the past. The result is constant high quality and standardisation of the production process.

Reliability also pays as unnecessary processing of fat-free meat is kept to a minimum. Possible safety margins are reduced to a minimum.

Development of all of these revolutionary new technologies in the in-line fat analyser field does not mean that one has to give up the familiar flexibility of products from CFS. The device equally analyses either fresh or frozen raw materials, just the same.

It is not only the precision of the process, which remains continuously high. The results from this process can be integrated into the production control system and are available for statistical analysis.

Recipes can be optimised in this way and the whole production process controlled even more efficiently. One further plus point is the solid finish of the device, as well as its inspiring design.

Integration of the in-line fat analyser in the grinder not only saves valuable space, additional accessories such as pumps are also no longer needed.

CFS CutMaster

The new CFS TopCut knife head system has a higher cutting speed, which means the CFS CutMaster is better than ever. It has never been so effective and so easy to operate.

The new self-contained CFS TopCut knife head system is more functional, more user and maintenance-friendly.

CFS TopCut

With CFS TopCut, residues can neither become attached nor build up. Any contamination of the processed product is excluded. The subsequent cleaning procedure is much easier because of the small number of parts, therefore the cleaning time has been reduced by up to 30%.

The TopCut considerably reduces the assembly time by an incredible 80%, according to CFS. In fact, overall handling has been essentially simplified.

The knives can be installed in any position and without tiresome screws or preliminary marking out. All sources of error have been eliminated, so that it is not only time that is saved - all these improvements also make the handling of the CFS CutMaster much safer.

CFS TopCut guarantees a uniform, vibration-free cutting process. The distance between the point of the knife and inner wall of the bowl does not vary - and indeed during the whole life of the knife. All these features combine to ensure a consistent quality of the processed products.

The TopCut knife head system’s speed is now higher than ever, up to 162m/sec. This has been made possible by yet further strengthening of the knife shaft, the associated bearings and drive system, and the design of the frame to the highest requirements.

This is the standard practice at CFS, where the overall concept is always considered, not just the variation of individual parameters.

The loading, cutting, mixing and emulsifying processes and also the emptying via the patented staged ejector - all components are matched as closely as possible to one another.

In practice this means it is not only the cutting speed of the CFS CutMaster that is higher than ever before. In combination with CFS TopCut and the tried and tested bowl and cutting chamber geometry, the overall processing time of the machine has once again been reduced. The result is a continually increasing throughput - hour-by-hour, day-by-day.

The CFS CutMaster’s filling level remains below 95% as before. The dynamic infinitely variable drive ensures the necessary flexibility for a wide range of products.

The CutMaster is available with a capacity of 200L, 325L, 500L and 750L. A wide range of versions is also available, for example, with and without vacuum function and with various cooking, cooling and metering functions for liquids and dry substances.

The line-compatible control system, the fully automatic process sequence and the task-adapted ergonomics round off the benefits of the system.

Operating safety, low maintenance, retention of value and an ‘all inclusive concept’ are all accepted attributes of CFS products.


The CFS Ground Meat Portioning System quickly and efficiently handles all steps in the processing of ground meat. Unlike conventional systems, the CFS concept enables central processing and packaging of ground meat, while allowing full flexibility in making choices about granulation, structure, fat/lean product characteristics and all other steps up to the finished product.

The upgraded PortionCut shapes, cuts, divides and accelerates ground meat portions in one operation. Fast and flexible, PortionCut can be steplessly adjusted to nearly any portion size and is able to handle up to 120g, 500g portions per minute.

The CFS MultiTrack developed during the course of last year into one of the leading systems in the field of online meat analysis. However, CFS is not just content with what it has achieved to date. Permanent innovation and further development work are making the currently available MultiTrack of even more efficient and reliable than ever before and thus guarantee customer confidence.


With the CFS ScanMIdi, CFS offers continuous defrosting solutions for 250kg/500lbs to 5,000kg/10,000lbs or more per hour.

While traditional defrosting has a 10-72 hours process time, the CFS ScanMidi shortens the process time to a mere 2-7 hours.

It is a homogenous defrosting process where no weight loss occurs in the product. Meat juices stay in the product and there is a very low bacteriological risk due the closed environment.

The entire process is monitored by the CFS ‘Safety Working Process Zone’ software program that controls the meat surface temperature during the process.

CFS PerFormer

Improved retention of product structure is especially important with whole-muscle products. CFS PerFormer works with a filling mechanism that consists of a rotating auger and static feeder for feeding the whole muscle meat material towards the filling/sizing area. The combination of the patented VarioSeal system and the specially designed sizing system ensures the whole muscle meat appearance in the end products.

CFS TempuMixer

Whether working with low or high viscous batter/tempura mixes, with the CFS TempuMixer any mix can be prepared automatically, at unprecedented rates and with a high degree of consistency.

The fully automatic model controls recipe and viscosity and provides up to three lines with up to 1.200L per hour.

CFS TempuMixer is easy to operate, simple and quick to clean to highest food safety levels and provides up to 50% labour savings.

CFS OptiDipper

The OptiDipper works perfectly with tempura and batter and ensures full coverage of low to high viscous batter/tempura mixes, with a high degree of consistency of the product.

The design details improve the lifetime of tempura/batter up to 100%. Also 50% savings on cleaning and labour costs are easy to achieve.

Frying equipment

Besides the low oil content, the design of the CFS SuperFry means an even higher product quality and extend life of the oil up to 100%. This continuous separation process handles all polluted frying fats and oils with very low costs of ownership.

It is an environmentally friendly, dry waste product.

Cooking equipment

The CFS CookStar TurboCook is designed to produce high quality roasted, fully cooked bone-in and boneless products. This revolutionary new roasting concept combines the ability to process large quantities on a small footprint with reduced cooking times and enhanced browning, in combination with the finest texture, taste, juiciness and yield.

Cooling/Freezing equipment

The CFS TempoFrost, the IQF spiral freezer in the CFS product line, has been updated to the latest standards in technology. Improved hygienic designing details make the CFS TempoFrost quick and easy to clean.

A new belt wash unit ensures automatic cleaning of the belt, preventing products from sticking and ensuring optimum food safety. The fully automatic and recipe controllable freezer provides maximum flexibility.

The horizontal air flows make sure that products are brought down in temperature very quickly so they stay as juicy and tasteful when consumed.

The TempoFrost is available in both standard and compact versions and can be made specifically to a company’s individual requirements, both in single or twin designs.

CFS slicing equipment

CFS offers new levels of performance in slicing, through its specially-developed involute technology, now available on its MegaSlicer.

This advance means the CFS MegaSlicer covers both high capacity applications as well as slicing sensitive products, with the involute blade running at speeds of up to 2000rpm for high-end requirements, while the alternative circular blade caters to flexible applications, operating at up to 750rpm.

New peelers

CFS has extended its product range with 'Peeling Systems' that can be combined with its slicing and packing machines to create a fully automated product flow from preparation to slicing and packaging.

They automatically remove clips and casings from both round and square logs and are the only series machines of this type on the market.

Automatic loading for a variety of applications

The CFS-ShingleLoader features a pneumatic belt tensioning offering a high hygienic standard, the latest servo drives technology and PC controls in combination with independently driven drives per lane on the loading belt

CFS packaging equipment

The SmartWrapper meets the highest hygiene requirement thanks to a full stainless steel construction, trap-free design, sealed machine frame with self-draining surfaces together with easy dismountable conveyors belts and turnable back seal unit for easy cleaning.

SmartWrapper has 850mm free space between sealing area and infeed/outfeed doors ensuring increased safety.

It can also be installed inline. Depending on the product, this inline concept can include - slicers, buffers, conveyors, labelling, printing system etc.

CFS TwinStar

The TwinStar’s flexibile design features a minimised down time (less than 10ms) during format change-over thanks to electronic infeed system, full automatic docking system for dies utilities and quick removable tray carriers.

It has high capacity, performance and efficiency due to an optimised combination of a large sealing area (900mm x 380mm), double lane option, high speed (up to 15 cycles/min MAP) and monitoring system for tracking the whole packaging process.

CFS film systems

A special film that meets both protection and presentation requirements is the exclusive eXbase (XPP = foamed polypropylene) from CFS. A unique foam structure makes this film lighter in weight than any other product on the market.

The material is microwave-safe and extremely resistant to buckling and tearing, compared to polystyrene packaging. In addition, end consumers like the ‘warm-touch’feel that the film lends to frozen food products. It also comes in many different colors.


The CFS 3D shrink bag materials are available for Flow-Wrapper applications, especially in red fresh meat. They have been successfully tested and can be ordered as flat film material.

The highly reputed 3DMX shrink bag range has been further improved in gloss, optical properties and puncture resistance, especially with regard to processed meat applications.

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