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PosiCharge fast chargers from Century Yuasa Batteries

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article image PosiCharge fast chargers from Century Yuasa Batteries

Century Yuasa Batteries , supplier of a wide range of batteries, chargers and accessories for battery electric forklifts, introduces the PosiCharge fast chargers to their Australian customers.

The benefits of using battery electric forklifts are already numerous, and for customers implementing fast charging solutions rather than changing batteries for extended or multiple shifts these benefits are greatly multiplied. Because this technology delivers short, precise, high-power charges to the battery while in the vehicle, charge time is typically no longer than a shift break.

Advantages of using the PosiCharge fast charges include:

  • Run time is maximizes
  • Battery changing is no longer required
  • Operation costs are reduced
  • They create a safer workplace
  • They eliminate the need for extra batteries
  • They enhance productivity.

With PosiCharge smart chargers, vehicles do not need to stop working in order to change batteries. Companies can run trucks on one battery all day just by plugging in for a quick charge during breaks and shift changes. This has eliminated the need for battery changing and everything that goes with it: unproductive space devoted to a battery room, as many as hundreds of extra batteries, battery changing equipment, time-wasting trips to the battery room, and extra maintenance on battery inventories. Keeping vehicles operating can result in savings of up to 70 percent compared to battery changing.

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