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Vertical metal detectors from CEIA for free falling product applications

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article image Vertical metal detectors can identify and remove contaminated items from production

Ideal for scale and bagger systems, Model THS/G vertical metal detectors from CEIA have been specifically designed to inspect foods, powders, granules and other loose materials that are transported in free-fall through tubes.

THS/G metal detectors can be configured to become a detect and remove system by fitting a reject valve. The high detection speed of the THS/G enables the contaminated items to be removed without slowing the flow of production.

These vertical metal detectors are highly sensitive to any contaminating metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic and are fully compliant with HACCP criteria.

THS/G vertical metal detector systems will also ensure that any contaminated items are easily identifiable by either initiating an alarm or light, stopping the machinery or producing double packaging.

THS/G metal detection systems are also able to communicate with external control systems, either connected directly or via a communications network.

These vertical fall metal detectors are easy to operate and have the facility to store 250 product data memories.

They are easy to clean and have an AISI 316L stainless steel construction with IP69 rating.

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