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The intelligent THS/G21-Series has been developed with CEIA exclusive intelligence for the inspection of foods, powders, granules and other loose materials transported in free-fall through tubes. Able to be fitted with a reject valve so the system can effectively detect and removes any contaminating magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

Comprehensive model range to suit your processes and are all IP69K washdown

  • THS/GMS21: For the most difficult products with strong product effect
  • THS/G21: High frequency for dry, neutral products when maximum sensitivity is required.
  • THS/G21E: Standard frequency, suitable for all snack products
Exceptional detection speed allows the contaminated portion of product to be eliminated without impeding production flow
  • Able to signal an integrated packaging machine that contaminated product has been detected for easy identification and removal of the contamination from the production cycle manually
  • Communicates with external control systems, either connected directly or via a communications network
  • Very high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel
  • Digital analysis of the signal by the antenna (DSP) delivers incredibly high levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and operational stability
  • Automatic learning and tracking of product effect determines the optimum sensitivity for each product during set-up, then tracks and reacts to product effect variations during production
  • Full compliance with HACCP criteria
Highly suitable for scale and bagger systems, the THS/GM 21 Series can be specifically customised by CEIA to suit your exact requirements. CEIA (Heat and Control) information and contact details


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14/02/12 - THS/21 food metal detectors are designed to detect metal contaminants that may be accidentally present in food products, and are now stocked by CEIA (Heat and Control).
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30/09/10 - Ideal for scale and bagger systems, Model THS/G vertical metal detectors from CEIA have been specifically designed to inspect loose materials that are transported in free-fall through tubes.
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