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CEIA (Heat and Control) offers THS/21 food metal detectors

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article image THS/21 food metal detectors can intercept all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including high resistivity stainless steel

THS/21 food metal detectors, now stocked by CEIA (Heat and Control) , detect metal contaminants accidentally present in food products, allowing for the interception of all magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

These metal detectors provide levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds that are designed to satisfy even the strictest quality control requirements, and can even detect high resistivity stainless steel.

THS/21 food metal detectors feature an automatic tracking function that eliminates further variations due to the product effect, with a wide pass band allowing operation at maximum sensitivity regardless of speed.

Electronics units on these metal detectors can either be:

  • programmed locally
  • programmed via a keypad and display of 80 alphanumeric characters
  • be controlled from a remote computer via a standard RS-232 serial interface; or
  • be linked into a local computer network through an Ethernet interface.

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