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Wichita industrial clutches and brakes from CBC Australia

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Wichita Clutch and Industrial Brake, represented in Australia by CBC Australia is recognised as a global leader in heavy duty power transmission solutions.

Providing engineered products for over 50 years, Wichita Clutch specialises in offering effective solutions for some of the most demanding torque control problems. Every product in the Wichita Clutch and Industrial Brake range including pneumatic clutches and brakes goes through a strict quality assurance program to ensure guaranteed conformance to product specifications, thereby delivering optimum performance.

Providing essential high speed acceleration and deceleration, Wichita Clutch and Industrial Brake products are available in a variety of mounting configurations and designs, and are ideal for use in mining, energy, material handling, steel, metalworking and marine as well as pulp and paper industries.

The Wichita clutches and industrial brakes range includes low inertia clutches and brakes, specifically designed to be free from the effects of self-energisation and centrifugal force. Featuring a special air tube design to provide fast response with smooth engagement, the low inertia design reduces power consumption and heat build-up when used in cycling applications.

Wichita’s clutch combinations include low inertia and low inertia high torque, while the brake combinations include low inertia and low inertia spring-set. Low inertia clutches and brakes combine the advantages of disc type clutches with all the best features of direct air engagement allowing axial pressure to be evenly spread over 360º by utilising a full-circle tube.

Key benefits of Wichita clutch range:

  • Smooth engagement with no shock, impact or noise
  • Complete release within a fraction of a second
  • High torque to size ratio
  • Minimum power loss due to low rotating inertia
  • Provides smoothly controlled starts and stops
  • Capable of extremely fast action because of the small volume of air required
  • Maintains lower power demands as they are able to be moderately slipped in order to control acceleration rates
  • Any heat generated by controlled slipping, or high cycle rate operation dissipated by the centrifugal blowing
Key features of Wichita Spring-Set brakes:

  • Designed for those who require fail-safe protection of process equipment
  • Offers improved thick grooved friction discs made from high strength cast iron for longer wear life
  • Fast acting air tube design ensures smooth, quick stops
  • No lubrication is required
  • Precise design provides an extremely fast response for all applications

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