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Cat launches new track-type tractors

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Cat engines with ACERT technology that meet EPA Tier 3 and European Union Stage IIIa exhaust emission regulations power Caterpillar’s new T-Series track-type tractors.

Engines on the D8T, the D9T and the D10T feature a controller that manages fuel delivery and airflow.

The controller monitors engine and machine conditions while keeping the engine operating at peak efficiency.

Caterpillar says the controller lets the engine respond quickly to changing application needs and provides maximum performance.

The D8T uses a 15L C15 engine (259kW), the D9T an 18L C18 engine (346kW), and the D10T a 27L C27 engine (482kW).

The machines have an electronically controlled heavy-duty planetary powershift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse. They have large diameter, high-capacity oil-cooled clutches and an electronic modulation system that lets the operator perform quicker changes in speed and direction.

Caterpillar says the operator stations are comfortable with their larger cabs, a lowered beltline, low profile door handles and a larger window area.

A tapered bonnet, notched fuel tank and narrow single-shank ripper carriage give the operator a clear line of sight to front and rear work areas. Large, single-pane door windows let the operator see close to the sides of the machine.

Steering, machine direction and gear selection are all clustered in a single control handle for one-handed operation. The D10T, with a finger tip control steering system, works like a traditional clutch and brake arrangement, but needs far less effort.

The D8T and D9T use a dual-twist tiller to control the standard differential steering system.

A rigidly mounted handgrip houses the ripper control lever. It provides firm support when ripping in rough terrain, and low-effort finger and thumb controls for all ripper functions.

The electro-hydraulic dozer and ripper controls are placed for easy operation. They also provide a framework for future plug-and-play attachment integration.

The company says Computer Aided Earthmoving Systems and AccuGrade laser systems can be more readily installed with a dedicated mounting position in the front console and integrated electronics.

It says a new Advisor Monitoring System provides on-board diagnostics to minimise downtime and maximise machine performance.

An optional AutoCarry feature provides automatic blade control while the dozer is carrying a load.

The mainframes on the machines absorb the high impact shock loads and twisting forces found in many applications, while the main case elevates the final drives above the ground level work area to protect them from impact loads, abrasion and contaminants.

All three machines have a pivot shaft that runs through the mainframe and connects to the roller frames, which allows independent oscillation.

The machines can be equipped with the optional Caterpillar Product Link PL300, a feature that lets the customer see machine diagnostics and location information from their offices. It can provide updates on service hours, machine condition and machine location.

Attachments for the machines include universal and semi-universal blades. The D8T range can also use an angling blade.

More info: www.cat.com

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