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SolidPack shipping software from CASI

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article image SolidPack shipping software from CASI are highly accurate
A food safety test kit manufacturer required a shipping system that would guarantee 100% accuracy, and opted for SolidPack shipping
software from CASI .

The shipping software was required to produce shipping labels and special paperwork, and it would need to record a proof of fulfilment video of each operation.

The SolidPack shipping software is a module of the SolidSuite Warehouse Control System (WCS), and was installed along with an interface to the customer’s legacy SPT ERP system.

The software starts with a custom interface into the SPT ERP system to get the order information using SolidComm. A paper pick ticket is used by the customer’s picking system.

Each ticket has a barcode, which represents the particular order being processed.

Thanks to the SolidComm system the customers order can be downloaded in less than 50 ms.

Once the order is local, the software informs the operator that they need to place the shipping carton on the scale.

The SolidPick software is voice enabled and can speak up to five languages.

The software speaks to the operator, telling them when to scan items and place them in the box.

The software has an expected weight for each item and it check weighs each item as it is placed in the shipping box.

Every item that is placed in the shipping carton is verified according to its barcode and weight.

A proof of fulfilment video is created by the shipping software using the attached fire wire camera.

This process is repeated until the shipping carton meets its capacity.

The special paperwork required by the company is added at this stage, which may include packing lists, instructions and collateral material.

Once the packing list and collateral paperwork is included, the case is sealed on the scale and the shipping software produces a shipping label using SolidShip.

The video reports can be viewed at any time by customer service and emailed to customers who may have questions about their order, particularly in relation to missing or incorrect items.

Since installing the new shipping software, the customer has not shipped any incorrect items.

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