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Inline checkweighers from CASI enhance effectiveness of picking systems

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article image Inline checkweighers from CASI
CASI recently redeveloped a company's picking systems by supplying 921 inline checkweighers and SolidPack pick and pack software.

The company, who is responsible for supplying party pack trays to Wal-Mart, occasionally delivered product with missing items.

A system that would be able to automatically QC each carton was subsequently required.

The new picking systems first require that quality control operators scan the pick ticket and select the correct recipe to run.

Once the correct product is identified, the pick and pack process begins.

Cartons travel along conveyors until they reach the first station, where the 921 inline checkweighers pop up under each carton and measure tare weight.

If the inline checkweighers detect that carton weight is correct, a loud beep and green light signals accuracy, and the picking systems allow for the carton to travel along the conveyers to the next zone.

The inline checkweighers repeat the process at the next packing location.

For enhanced efficiency, the picking systems allow operators to save recipes that relate to kits or orders that will be processed in the future.  

The new picking systems effectively eliminate mispicked orders, and cartons with missing contents are no longer distributed.

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