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Cisco-Eagle material handling use CASI order picking systems

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article image CASI supply their order picking systems to Cisco-Eagle
CASI recently assisted materials handling company Cisco-Eagle by providing them with order picking systems.

These order picking systems are able to automatically fulfil the product for an internet based mobile phone and mobile accessories provider.

The company required that the system interface to the customers in house warehouse management systems and it must be able to control the entire fulfilment operation.

In response, CASI provided modules from the SolidSuite WCS for labelling, zone routing, picking and automatic manifesting functions.

The order picking systems operate by starting right after the automatic case erector, which is triggered when a license plate barcode is applied to the side of the carton.

This label is related to the order number in the picking and zone routing software.

Once the licence bar code is place on the carton in question, the order picking systems instruct a fixed position barcode scanner to confirm placement of the label.

The order processing systems automatically send orders to only those zones that have a pick in them.

As the carton enters the pick zone, the order processing systems ensure that a fixed position barcode scanner reads the license plate bar code on the side of the carton.

The carton is then diverted in the particular zone using a SortMaster 125 bi-directional sorter.

Once items have routed through the pick zones, those items that require special handling or phones that are waiting on activation are routed to a QC station.

After the items have a packing slip and dunnage manually inserted, the order processing systems ensure each carton is weighed by using a CASI 921 intermittent checkweigher.

A label is applied to the top of the case and label placement confirmed by a DS2400 fixed position barcode scanner.

Exceptions such as a no read are diverted using a SortMaster 130 pusher divert.

The order processing picking instruct the printer label applicator to apply a label listing the type of exception that occurred.


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