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CASI supply conveyer rollers for retrofit of conveyer systems

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article image CASI supply conveyer rollers for the retrofit of conveyer systems
CASI assisted a major 3PL by supplying them with conveyer rollers. The rollers were used to conduct a retrofit of the conveyer systems.

The company required conveyer systems that could handle cartons with a very light weight yet did not want to replace its existing conveyer.

Operators were finding it increasingly difficult to use the conveyer systems because they were extremely noisy.

This made it difficult for operators to concentrate, and the back pressure created jams.

Maintenance of the conveyer systems required special experience and it was difficult to keep them operating smoothly.

The CASI TransMaster 24VDC conveyer rollers provided the perfect solution.

Since installation of the conveyer rollers packages accumulate with no back pressure, and slug release keeps throughput high with reasonable speeds.

The conveyer rollers have eased the noise issue, and safety has been enhanced due to the low distributed torque.

An operator can place their hands in between the conveyer rollers and they will automatically stop.

The conveyer systems are now simple and easy to maintain. If an individual conveyer roller does start to fail it will signal this via LEDs and over the CASI SolidSuite network.

Replacement of the conveyer rollers is simple and easy, and the operation can be carried out without the use of any tools.

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