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CASI supply automated parcel shipping systems to Alliance Entertainment

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article image Parcel Manifest and Common Carrier shipping systems from CASI
Alliance Entertainment wanted to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, and subsequently enlisted the help of CASI , who supplied Parcel Manifest and Common Carrier shipping systems.

The shipping systems feature:

  • SolidLabel for automatic shipping labelling
  • SolidComm for the CLS multicarrier shipping system interface
  • SolidRoute for the shipping sorter
The SolidComm interface comprises the heart of these shipping systems.

An RF Tag is placed in the cleat of the cold seal machine conveyor and the order is sealed.

Once sealed, the order exist the cold seal machine and moves onto the TransMaster belt conveyor.

The RF licence tag is read as it enters the in motion scale.

The shipping systems feature several zones of zero pressure accumulation. These are used between the in motion scale and shipping labelling zone.

This process allows the shipping systems to rate – shop the parcel and choose the best shipment method accordingly.

Once this has occurred, the appropriate label is applied to the parcel using the top apply printer label applicator.

Once the shipping systems apply the label, placement is confirmed by a DS2100N fixed position barcode scanner. At the same time, the RF Tag is read again to confirm the label is on the correct parcel.

If the shipping systems are unable to locate a particular RF tag number in the database, the parcel will be diverted using a SortMaster 110 parcel sorter.

When the shipping label process is complete, the shipping systems transport parcels up an incline conveyer to the correct height for sorting.

Once they reach the correct height, parcels are re-identified using the barcode scanner and sorted into 1 of 12 shipping lanes.

These shipping systems effectively reduce shipping errors and produce a higher throughput, which increases overall productivity and yields greater profit.

Furthermore, labour costs are reduced as the shipping systems have the ability to automatically carry out those functions previously performed by employees.  

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