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CASI redevelops large carton packaging systems

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article image The newly redeveloped large carton packaging systems
A distributor of long and large products was experiencing inefficiencies with its carton packaging systems as the products required handling on multiple occasions.

The company subsequently sought out CASI, who customised several of its standard products so they could be used in the large carton packaging systems, and were able to handle items as long as 72”.

The large carton packaging systems now operate by automatically soring empty cartons to pack stations and then sorting items into the cartons accordingly.

Once the packing process is completed, the cases are conveyed, heat shrunk and manifested.

The new and improved large carton packing systems operate in the following manner:

  • Orders are released to the CASI controller
  • Boxes come off the CASIrector robotic case erector 
  • They are then manually inducted to the sorter
  • The cartons are already equipped with license plate barcodes
  • Empty cartons travel along the conveyers situated within the carton packaging systems 
  • Cartons are inducted to the sorter
  • Each carton is automatically scanned and sorted to a pack station
  • Once the pack stations are full of empty shipping cartons products are inducted into the sorter
  • The carton packaging systems instruct a green light ton signal when packers are permitted to fill each of the cartons
  • Cartons are prelined with a film for heat shrink and pushed through an automatic case sealer
  • The ID of each carton is scanned to ensure accuracy, and a shipping label is produced
The new large carton packaging systems reduce the number of touches required to fulfil each order, and handling of the large items is now greatly reduced, which has dramatically enhanced efficiency.

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