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CASI installs automatic pallet weighing systems

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article image These automatic pallet weighing systems minimise error
CASI recently installed its automatic pallet weighing systems in the warehouse of a large overseas food manufacturer.

The company previously adopted a manual system where paper tickets were used and information was manually entered. Errors were high when this system was used.

The company required a system that would allow the operator to enter the batch of the product being weighed, scan the inventory barcode and transmit the data to the host ERP system.

The automatic pallet weighing systems from CASI proved to be the perfect solution.

The pallet weighing systems operate as follows:

  • A forklift operator places pallets on the conveyer. The conveyer has a zero pressure capability which ensures pallets are held off the scale until the system is ready.
  • Pallets are scanned, either automatically or manually. Automatic scanning can be used when there is a guarantee that each of the pallet barcodes is situated in the same place.
  • The automatic pallet weighing systems weigh the pallets.
  • The pallet weighing systems automatically send information about each individual pallet to the host system, using the CASI 1100 system controller.
  • A forklift operator then removes the pallets from the end of the conveyer, as they know that these have been weighed by the automatic pallet weighing systems.
These pallet weighing systems are incredibly beneficial as they keep a 1 to 1 synch of order numbers and pallet weights, operate without the need for paper, and they report to the host system in an efficient manner.

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