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CASI installs automated inline checkweighers

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article image Automated inline checkweighers from CASI are highly accurate
Lakey Packaging recently required an automatic QC system, and sought out the assistance of CASI , who installed its automated inline checkweighers.

The packaging company was in need of a new system that was able to locate missing or low fill bottles, and inline checkweighers seemed to be the best solution.

Subsequently, CASI installed the 921 model of automated inline checkweighers, along with the SortMaster 130LD case reject.

These inline checkweighers are incredibly accurate, and can consistently checkweigh items to five grams.

Furthermore, TransMaster 24 volt, zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveyors were added to convey the cases.

The upgraded system operates as follows:

  • Operators use the checkweigh manager set-up screen to select the product being run. Recipes can be saved at any time.
  • Once the recipe is selected, the product is loaded onto the system by an operator.
  • The product travels along the conveyers until it reaches the weigh zone.
  • Here the scale is raised up under the product and the inline checkweighers measure the product’s weight.
  • Any product that the inline checkweighers measure as being outside the upper or lower control limits are rejected by the SortMasrer130 pusher divert.
The new inline checkweighers help to ensure that the the number of missing products is reduced, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction.

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