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CASI help to develop a company’s automated packaging systems

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article image The new automatic packaging systems in action
CASI supplied its SolidLabel program and Oracle ERP Interface to a major satellite receiver manufacturing company looking to install automated packaging systems.

CASI’s labelling controls module, SolidLabel was used to control the upstream slider bed conveyer, automatically label the receivers and interface to the Shanklin wrapper.

The automated packaging systems are required to read a small 39 8 mil barcode from either the front or top of the receiver in ladder format.

It is important that the barcode is read correctly, as it correlates to the serial number of the unit that is used to update the Oracle ERP with shipping information.

Once its barcode has been scanned the automated packaging systems transport the unit to the Shanklin wrapper where it is wrapped for shipment.

The SolidLabel element of the automated packaging systems tracks each unit to the labelling zone. Here a bottom labelling system places a label containing the appropriate serial number on the unit.

The automated packaging systems feature a Datalogic DS2100 barcode scanner which is then used to confirm placement of the label.

The receiver travels to the end of the line where an operator manually palletises the units.

The automated packaging systems reduce labour costs as they fulfil many previously manual tasks automatically.

The automated packaging systems also produce more accurate results as they ensure the correct label has been placed on the receiver every time.

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