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The patented Automatic Box Opening Technology  (ABOT) from CASI is the first fully automated and truly flexible box opening system. 

The ABOT System can pass through any conveyable case without intervention, even with damaged or bloated cases. 

The fastest, easiest and safest way to open boxes
  • Adjusts the cut for new box sizes or boxes out of specification without additional cycle time 
  • Detects turned or twisted boxes and compensates
  • Compensates for boxes out of position
  • Clears jams automatically
  • Detects and clears double feeds
  • Detects box damage that interferes with cutting
  • Automatically sorts exceptions boxes for manual inspection
  • Detects damaged or dull blades
  • Changes its own damaged or dull blades
Typical box opening applications in manufacturing and distribution
  • Returns processing
  • Co-pack operations
  • Automatic pick module replenishment
  • Food/beverage mixed ingredients operations
This box opening system removes labour and provides a safe environment to automatically cut boxes used for inventory replenishment, mixing operations, open case picking, and other manufacturing and distribution applications where full cases are received and much be opened. CASI ANZ Pty Ltd - Cornerstone Automation Systems information and contact details

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14/06/12 - Alliance Entertainment recently enlisted the help of CASI, who supplied Parcel Manifest and Common Carrier shipping systems.
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23/01/12 - Now available from CASI ANZ, ABOT ACE automatic case extractors are ideal for automatically indexing full cases or bags, particularly in the food industry.

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