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Automated conveyor systems from CASI

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article image Custom made automated conveyor systems from CASI
A major logistics company sought assistance from CASI after it required conveyor systems that could operate automatically and were equipped with a five sided barcode scan tunnel.

In response, CASI proposed automated conveyor systems consisting of 4 inbound lanes merging into a bidirectional 8 lane sortation system.

CASI supplied 24 volt motorised MDR Conveyers and CASI SortMaster 100 bidirectional sorters for use with the automated conveyor systems.

Overview of the automated conveyor systems:

  • Incoming cartons are loaded from extendible conveyors to CASI TransMaster conveyors.
  • The automated conveyor systems operate by merging the cartons together and transporting them via the one lane.
  • The cartons stage on the accumulation conveyors before being transported to the five side scan tunnel.
  • The automated conveyor systems ensure 9120 metering belts create the necessary gap to allow for cartons to be sorted.
  • It is only then that cartons are able to enter the five side barcode scan tunnel.
  • Here shipping barcodes are read SolidRoute Software determines the destination lane for each carton.
  • All conveyor control is accomplished via the CASI 1100 system controller.
  • SolidRoute software allows the user to change sortation methodologies or lanes.
  • Once each carton has been assigned a lane, the automated conveyor systems track and sort it to the correct destination.
  • Finally, cartons pass the divert confirmation photoeye, and are added to the divert statistics for that lane.
These automated conveyor systems reduce labour costs and increase the speed as which cartons can be processed and sorted, which increases overall productivity.

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