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Powerful materials handling systems integrated successfully into your operations, Custom Robotic Automation Solutions from CASI developed in house controls, softwares and equipment ensure fast and effective results.

Producing quality solutions and saving you valuable time, CASI stringently tests every system before delivery for a seamless installation process.

Effective solutions with advanced proven technology to suit your operations
  • Automatic Product Labelling: Efficient SolidLabel™ automatic product labelling system offers a single control point for packaging line operations including basic labelling, order fulfilment, pricing and compliance labelling
  • Barcode Scanning Tunnels:  DataLogic™™ is a complete CASI reputable design, installation and service of barcode scanning tunnels and fixed scanner arrays
  • Compliance Labelling: Based on SolidLabel™ technology to adhere to stringent specifications of many major retailers receiving, shipping and confirmation processes
  • Cross Dock Labelling: Clever inline labelling with SolidLabel™ ensure efficient receipt and dispatch of required cartons amounts with label routing programming
  • In Motion Manifesting: Rapid 50 parcels per minute processing, SolidShip™ integrates with a large variety of common carrier regulations
  • Liquor Fulfilment System: Affordable and accurate SolidSuite™ Fulfilment Manager processes orders in larger waves to improve picking and shipping efficiency
  • Pharmacy Automation: Modular innovation SolidSuite Rx allows for manual operations to high throughput needs to meet the demands of medication suppliers, extended-care providers and correctional facilities
  • Picking Systems: Dynamic CASI picking methodologies range from batch picking, full case, pick and pack, pick to light as well as picking technologies including voice directed picking, RF terminal picking and pick to monitor
  • Data Collection: Effective fusion of data collection system hardware and barcode systems customised to suit warehouses and factory floor requirements by reducing labour, errors and returns and increasing productivity
  • Production Counting: Completely automate production counting with SolidCount™ software barcode scanners/RF Tag Readers, assisted installation and user training course
  • Reverse Logistics: Capitalise on operational cost saving opportunities by streamlining returned products processing and logistics with CASI developed solutions including automatic box opening, inspections, sorting and RMA processing software
  • RFID Tag Compliance: Improve accuracy, productivity and freighting costs with automated RFID Compliance labelling solutions that adhere to compliance rules without wasting labels
  • RFID and Barcode Verification: Remove costly and time consuming errors with uniquely designed barcode and RFID reading and distribution solution
  • Shipping Systems: Flexible standard and custom shipping options for single and multi-carrier operations, replacing the labour costs of 2-4 manual workers
  • Voice Picking Systems: An exceptional increase of 15-30% efficiency and precision is achievable with voice picking application as workers are focused on where, what and how many to pick instructions in real time
Providing precision materials handling, manufacturing and distribution solutions, CASI intelligence also offers SolidSuite™ Warehouse Control System pre-engineered modules for efficiency. CASI ANZ Pty Ltd - Cornerstone Automation Systems information and contact details

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09/08/12 - A major distributor of fasteners installed small part checkweighers from CASI as it was previously unable to provide end-users with kits of nuts and bolts.
Supplier news
02/08/12 - CASI supplied its SolidLabel program and Oracle ERP Interface to a major satellite receiver manufacturing company looking to install automated packaging systems.
Supplier news
20/07/12 - Lakey Packaging recently required an automatic QC system, and sought out the assistance of CASI who installed its automated inline checkweighers.
Supplier news
19/07/12 - CASI recently supplied its barcode scanner units and sortation conveyers to a major third party logistics company.
Supplier news
05/07/12 - Xpedx Packaging required custom made labelling verification systems, and it subsequently enlisted the services of CASI.
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