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PLANTVISOR is Carel's latest generation supervisory system for refrigeration and air-conditioning.

This web-based product utilises Microsoft Internet Explorer as its graphic interface which offers flexibility (for customisation) and easy access to information.

Using RS485, up to 800 instruments can be connected to a local PC.

PlantVisor allows access over a local area network(LAN) or wide area network (WAN), internet, or modem, to locally or remotely modify parameters and view date from the Carel controllers managing the plant.

All variables may be logged and graphed in order to carry out a detailed analysis of the instrument; these charts also allow a customer to keep accurate records of plant operation.

One of the most powerful features of PlantVisor is its ability to manage alarms. In the event of an alarm PlantVisor can FAX, SMS, email, print or dial a remote call centre PC to notify of an alarm. This ensures a quick response to any problem.

Many of Carel's controllers are serial compatible meaning that with the addition of an accessory card they can be field upgraded to connect to PlantVisor or Plantwatch (Carel's PC free monitoring solution).

This gives Carel users maximum flexibility when supervisory functions are required.

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