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Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors from Caps Australia are a cost effective and green alternative to Variable Output Compressors (VOC). With electricity prices set to double over the next few years and the federal government committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, buyers of new compressors should assess the energy efficient benefits of Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors.

Benefits of using Variable speed drive compressors include:

  • Variable speed drive compressors deliver reduced power costs
  • Variable speed drive compressors also lower green house gas emissions
  • Take advantage of money saving utility tariff plans
  • As VSD compressors are soft start, they do not draw more than full load amps at start up. This guarantees that the compressor will never be the cause of exceeding peak load amps
Compressors with on/off load and VOC controls will typically require 3 to 6 times their normal running current at start up. In many plants, it is common for compressors to have the largest electric motor on site, meaning they can easily be the cause of tripping the peak amps and increasing the electricity bill. This increased amp demand from compressors can occur several times a day, as most modern compressors shut down to save electricity during periods of low activity. Ironically, this small energy saving feature can end up costing a large fortune through higher tariffs.

Many power companies are already offering attractive electricity tariffs to firms that do not exceed an agreed to Œpeak amps¹ demand. This works in the customer¹s favour, unless they exceed the allowable peak amps. If the peak amps is exceeded then severe penalties are imposed on the tariff charged. In some cases the customer could pay twice the original tariff rate for the next 24 hours.

Points to consider when purchasing a compressor:

  • Factor start up current/amps into their equations
  • An on/off load or VOC control may preclude users from taking advantage of lower tariff peak amp contracts in the future
  • The rise of electricity prices
  • The rise and pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions mounting

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