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New compressor controller from CAPS Australia reduces energy costs

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article image The Rand X-Series compressor controller from Caps Australia
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Operators of multiple compressors can achieve significant energy savings thanks to the Ingersoll Rand X-Series System from Caps Australia . The Rand X-Series compressor controller eliminates waste by managing up to 12 positive displacement compressors simultaneously. This includes compressors of different capacities, different types (fixed speed, variable speed and variable capacity), and in any combination and configuration.

Features and benefits of the Rand X-Series compressor controller include:

  • If multiple compressors are being used, the X-Series compressor controller can provide greater efficiency, reliability and costs savings
  • By using advance control functionality, the X-Series compressor controller brings standby compressors on-line incrementally during peak periods of demand
  • The compressor controller also manages the compressed air system at the minimum required pressure without compromising air supply reliability
  • By dynamically matching the most energy-efficient compressor or combination of compressors to the compressed air demand the X-Series compressor controller delivers maximum efficiency while helping to reduce power costs
  • The X-Series compressor controller automatically selects the best-fit capacity to suit the demand pattern and prevents excessive cycling that can result in poor compressor efficiency as well as increased maintenance
Specsavers, the world's third largest optical chain and a fast-growing concern in Australia, recently installed an X-Series compressor controller as part of its continuous improvement program.   'As production increased in Australia we went from using one compressor to using three and our electricity costs escalated. We were keen to reduce our electricity consumption by installing a compressor controller,' said Peter Kennedy, Specsavers Project Manager. CAPS made us aware of the new X-Series and that it could significantly reduce our energy as well as maintenance costs."

'It links all our compressors together and makes them 'talk' to one another to ensure that they never run using more energy than necessary. This will allow us to save about 10% on our power costs, which in turn means a corresponding reduction in green house gas emissions,' said Peter.
For added user convenience, the X-Series compressor controller system also ensures that the three compressors run an equal number of hours so that servicing for all of them is always required on the same day. "

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