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HEEVO range available from CAPS Australia

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CAPS Australia (Compressed Air and Power Services Australia) presents their range of Harsh Environment Efficient VFD Option, also known as HEEVO, to suit all Ingersoll Rand compressors from 11kW to 350kW.

Most variable speed compressors, in the Australian market, may struggle with high heat, humidity and dust levels that exist within harsh mine sites and construction environments. These problems causes frequent break downs, shut downs, costly component failures or expensive preventative maintenance.

CAPS Australia recognised these problems and introduced the HEEVO, which is specifically designed to suit mining, timber and other rugged industries with high dust loads.

“Until recently, energy efficiency and harsh environments didn’t go well together in compressed air systems,” says Dino Alessio, National Sales Manager of CAPS Australia.

“The sensitive nature of Variable Speed Drive compressors meant they are more at home in a clean plant-room than in the harsh Australian outback where reliability was the top priority. If you wanted reliability then you had to compromise on efficiency and vice versa. But with the new HEEVO range you get the best of both worlds: uncompromised reliability together with premium efficiency.”

The HEEVO, available from CAPS Australia, helps enhance the overall Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of the compressor’s motor and electrical components. It offers protection against entry of dust, extreme humidity, heavy seas and jets of water from all practical directions.

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